Years of yoga practice have taught me so much . . .

From my many years of experience practicing yoga I have found that using a 6 ft. stick as a prop is an amazing tool! The stick helps me blend some of yoga’s core principles to enhance symmetry, posture and alignment. It is about balance and moving with ease in the upper and lower body, left and right sides, as well as front and back of the body.

I have found that regular stick workouts help maintain better overall function and connection with my inner being.  I look forward to giving myself a creative workout often, because it immediately raises my energy level, and gets me out of my head.  I feel that I am taking myself out for a breather, and reducing stress everywhere in the body, mind and spirit.

Please join me on Sundays at Veteran’s Park in Culver City at 10am and experience the benefits of Stick-Yoga!  All ages and levels of ability are appropriate and welcome to join in the fun.  Please RSVP as the class is limited to 25 participants.