Treatment Overview

Dr. Deliman seeks to work together with the patient to facilitate their own healing and maintain wellness.
Her approach consists of:

  • Strengthening and stretching through traction and the use of Stick Technology (Stick Stretching aka Stick Yoga)
  • Postural assessment
  • Diagnosing spinal curvatures
  • Spinal Adjustments
  • Retraining muscle memory through myofascial unwinding
  • Physical Therapy Modalities

Dr. Deliman seeks to create an environment of interaction with the patient in order to educate them on their overall health, wellness and preventative care. Your initial visit will begin with a consultation with Dr. Deliman. She will discuss your present condition and case history as well as assess your posture and spinal alignment, movement and muscle strength. After completion of the analysis, Dr. Deliman will go over her assessment and outline a treatment plan.