Stick-Yoga is “pregnant woman” safe!

“Stick-Yoga is “pregnant woman” safe!  It’s a class where mamas-to-be can focus on boosting their balance, flexibility, strength and coordination for a healthy, happy pregnancy.  The stick grounds you to the earth and offers support and stability while used as a tool for leverage to achieve deep stretching as well as strengthening the muscles that are changing rapidly to accommodate that growing baby bump.”

Prenatal Stick-Yoga is pregnant chiropractic care can help prepare the mom-to-be for an easy delivery and assist the expecting mama with the aches and pains that come with pregnancy.

“Post-Natal chiropractic care is helpful in restoring balance and symmetry as well as neurological harmony.  Nursing mother’s LOVE chiro care and the relief it provides their recovering bodies.”

Photo Credit: Ania Boryciewicz

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