Stick-Yoga is enjoyed outdoors!

While Stick-Yoga can be done either indoors or outdoors, I choose to work outdoors in nature, for all the benefits of being outside.  Some benefits are:  fresh air to breathe in deeply, great open space in all directions, and the sky above.  Every time I pick up my stick I learn more about myself while stretching this body temple and I consciously apply correct body mechanics so as to improve my posture and alignment.  This type of physical training transfers new motor skills and efficiency of movement to our normal daily activities.  That’s a really good thing!


When working out with the stick I enjoy feeling the dynamic free flow, while encorporating large and elongated movements with different sized sticks.  It opens me up to feel more expanded space within my musculo-skeletal system allowing me greater freedom of movement and breath.  The addition of music to my workouts allows me to feel relaxed with soft music and more aerobic with upbeat music . . . really a beautiful overall experience.

Everyone is invited to experience the benefits of this unique form of exercise and stretching on Sundays at Veteran’s Park in Culver City at 10am.  There are no pre-requisites, no limitations, simply come and join me and others and let’s have some fun and improve our health at the same time!  Please RSVP as space is limited to 25 participants and the class fills up quickly. I look forward to seeing you there!