Life Stream Generator

What is a LifeStream Generator?

The Lifestream uses Radiant Energy, which is a lost understanding now re-discovered.  We call it “The Human Battery Charger”.  It raises Cell Voltage and balances Cellular Resonance.  Lifestream has the ability to put energy where energy is lacking.  Through the energy alone or through the Hands On Energy Transfer Process (amplified).  Everything is Energy.

What conditions does LSG help? 

Pretty much everything!  From arthritis to fibromyalgia, any condition responds to the cellular balancing experienced with the use of the Lifestream.  Acute conditions and injuries such as fractures, sprains, contusions, acute headaches, etc. respond with exposure to the Radiant Energy with increased cellular rejuvenation which decreases the length of time required to recover.

Who developed the LSG?

The LifeStream Generator’s technology is based on the combined works of Nikolai Tessla, George W. Van Tassel, and George Lakhovsky.  The LSG is the brain child of John Riley and manufactured in Santa Monica where he runs ZeroPointeResearch, a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and development of radiant energy and it’s health benefits.

I am a certified practitioner and am currently offering a free initial session to make this experience accessible to everyone!

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