Stick Yoga FAQs

What is Stick-Yoga?

Stick-Yoga is an innovative, gentle and effective approach to total fitness and body awareness. Warming up, stretching, and toning utilizing a stick as a prop and a tool for support and leverage is very effective. The stick is used like a third leg.

What conditions does Stick-Yoga help?

Stick-Yoga increases your body’s flexibility while improving balance, coordination and strength. It can rehab your injuries, improve your posture, and enhance your brain function by integrating the right and left hemispheres. The stick helps maintain proper shape with greater ease in holding stretch positions while conserving energy. Whether you are someone just starting to exercise, a well seasoned athlete or you fall somewhere in between, Stick-Yoga will inspire creative and dynamic ways to stretch your body and increase range of motion while releasing tension in your spine naturally.

Who developed Stick-Yoga?

Dr. Arthur Faygenholtz of Santa Cruz is the founder and creator of Stick-Yoga. A chiropractor of over 25 years, he specializes in sports injuries and has a BA in Physical Education. He’s a former distance runner and marathoner with personal teaching experience in anatomy, physical training and Special Olympics. He began developing Stick-Yoga in 1974 while working training handicapped adults in wheelchairs for the Special Olympics

Are Stick-Yoga and Stick-Stretching the same thing?

Yes! Dr. Faygenholtz initially called it Pole-Stretching then renamed it Stick-Stretching and after a few more years and many additional yoga poses added to the mix he decided it is most accurately described as Stick-Yoga.

Chiropractic FAQs

Is chiropractic treatment safe?

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, noninvasive therapies available for the care of neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle and bone) conditions.

Does chiropractic wear out the joints?

No, a chiropractor is trained to do adjustments safely and quickly with the least amount of affect on your joints.

Who needs chiropractic treatments?

Everyone who has a body to take care of!
Symptoms or pain may not be produced for years, but chiropractors can correct issues through early detection. This is recommended as it can prevent degeneration and arthritis that would otherwise occur later in life, producing pain and restriction of movement.

When can I expect to start feeling some positive results?

A patient should get relief from the very first adjustment. But long term relief and correction of the problem will depend on a number of factors like the severity of condition, age, healing ability and compliance with your individualized treatment plan. If results are not being seen your treatments will not continue indefinitely. A lack of results may indicate a more serious condition and a specialist will be referred to you for further evaluation.